What's Inside the Sunlight Kids Kit

The Sunlight Kids Kit has everything you need to get started, from a comprehensive Coordinator Manual, sample Student Activity Book, and Lesson Guides, to a handy keep-it-all-together Portfolio. This kit is an amazing value that includes the following:

Sunlight Kids Coordinator CD-ROM
Here's everything you need to effectively conduct your Sunlight Kids program, train your workers, and communicate with parents. The Coordinator CD-ROM is a great resource for the Sunlight Kids coordinator that includes the following:
• Sunlight Kids Coordinator Manual (see highlights below)
• Sunlight Kids Logo
• Copy Masters
• Sign-In/Out Master
• Enrollment Form
• Parent Letters
• Nursery Cards
• Notecards
• Postcards
• Holiday Greeting Cards

  Coordinator Manual Highlights
- Sunlight Kids Suggested Schedules
- Sunlight Kids Planning Checklist
- Space Needs
- Safety and Discipline
- Job Descriptions
- Training Session Ideas
- Welcome to the Sunlight Kids Team
- What does a Sunlight Kids lesson look like?
- How to Use the Sunlight Kids Kit
- Nursery Cards
- Ideas That Work
- And much, much more!

One CD-ROM included in Sunlight Kids Kit.

Coordinator Tip #1


Sunlight Kids Lesson Guides
These concise, easy-to-use Lesson Guides are the heart of Sunlight Kids, letting you introduce little ones to one major Bible story each month of the year. Each guide provides 5 weeks of lessons so you can switch out activities as desired.

Twelve Lesson Guides are included in Sunlight Kids Kit as follows: Jesus and the Sick Boy (January), Jesus Loves Children (February), The Little Boy Who Shared His Lunch (March), Heaven Is a Happy Home (April), Creation (May), Noah and the Ark (June), Baby Moses (July), Samuel Is a Helper (August), God Gives Elijah Food (September), Daniel and the Lions (October), Jonah and the Big Fish (November), Baby Jesus (December).

Coordinator Tip #2 View a sample of a Sunlight Kids Lesson Guide


Sunlight Kids Bible Visuals and Posters
The Bible Visuals are used during Bible Time. They are durable and oversized for more effective use with small children. The monthly Lesson Guides show you a thumbnail of each visual needed during the Bible story. Also included are two Sunlight Kids Posters (11x16): a Welcome poster and a Sunlight Kids Motto poster to decorate your room and welcome your children to Sunlight Kids! One Bible Visuals set included in the Sunlight Kids Kit.

Coordinator Tip #3


Sunlight Kids Student Activity Book
Reinforce the Bible story with the simple illustrations and colorful stickers in the Student Activity Book. Use during Table Time for a scribbling good time your little ones will love. And be sure to use the Sunlight Kids Stamp on each child's paper for a perfect finishing touch.

The Student Activity Book includes:
• Make & Take Craft Pages
• Two pages of stickers to use with some of the Make & Take Crafts and twelve stickers to show completion of the monthly theme.
• A Birthday card to give the child for their birthday
• A Graduation Certificate
• A sticker for each month the child attends (To go on the back of the child's Graduation Certificate)

One Student Activity Book included in Sunlight Kids Kit. Note: Order one Student Activity Book per child.

Coordinator Tip #4


Beamer Duck Puppet
Beamer the Duck is the Sunlight Kids mascot. Watch your children's faces light up when Beamer joins them at the end of Bible Time. (No ventriloquism skills required!) Puppet is surface washable and safe for all ages. One Beamer puppet included in Sunlight Kids Kit. Approximately 12" long.

Coordinator Tip #5


Sunlight Kids Music CD
The fun songs on the Sunlight Kids Music CD are sure to be a hit with your little ones! Written especially with infants and toddlers in mind and set to familiar children's tunes, these songs are easy to learn and remember. With over 70 songs, the Music CD contains all the songs you need for Sunlight Kids! One CD included in Sunlight Kids Kit.

Coordinator Tip #6

13-Pocket Portfolio
Transport your entire Sunlight Kids ministry in this incredible Portfolio that organizes all the necessities for the whole year. Label each tab according to the month (labels available on Coordinator CD-ROM) and place each month's supplies inside. It's flexible and stretchable enough to hold all your Lesson Guides, Bible Visuals, parent letters, craft supplies, Student Activity Book pages, Nursery Cards, and even extras like t-shirts, the Sunlight Kids Music CD, and more. Sturdy handles let you easily carry it with you. Yellow plastic with black fabric trim. Features Sunlight Kids logo on front. One Portfolio included in Sunlight Kids Kit.
13 1/4 x 12 x 1"

Sunlight Kids Stamp
Use this cheerful sun Stamp with the Washable Orange Inkpad for super stamping fun that's a breeze to clean up! One Stamp included in Sunlight Kids Kit. 1 x 1 x 1/2"


Sunlight Kids T-shirt
Make your kids and volunteers feel special with their own Sunlight Kids t-shirts. Shirt is white with the Sunlight Kids logo on front. Sizes 2T, 3T, and Adult S through Adult 4XL. Short-sleeved. One t-shirt (size 2T) included in Sunlight Kids Kit.


Preventing Child and Substance Abuse Guide
Informational guide written to parents and their children. Discusses how children can be trained to avoid child and substance abuse and to report it if it's encountered.

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