Tips & Ideas

Here you'll find helpful tips, hints, and ideas as you begin using all the wonderful Sunlight Kids resources. It's never too early to instill a biblical foundation in little hearts!
Nursery Coordinator Tip #1
Print out the entire Coordinator Manual from the CD-ROM when you first open your kit to keep as a handy reference tool at your fingertips. It's the key to your Sunlight Kids program, providing you with everything you need to be successful, even if you're inexperienced. Tons of practical tips, training ideas, and step-by-step instructions for using Sunlight Kids make the Coordinator Manual your best nursery assistant. You may also want to give handouts from the manual to your volunteers and even parents.
Nursery Coordinator Tip #2
In the Sunlight Kids Lesson Guides, you get at-a-glance preparation and supply lists for each week. Step-by-step instructions lead you from Opening Time to Good-bye Time. Each Lesson Guide includes a Bible story, Bible words, suggested prayers, song lyrics to that month's songs on the Sunlight Kids Music CD, finger games, Beamer's Visit, super easy and fun Table Time activities that include Make & Take crafts, and a special snack time. In addition, Play and Learn Time allows your toddlers to engage in guided play activities that reinforce the lesson. BONUS! Every lesson offers plenty of teacher tips and options to make the most of your time with little ones. Use lessons in the order you prefer.
Nursery Coordinator Tip #3
These Bible Visuals are labeled so it's easy to tell which pictures go with each lesson. Be creative with how you use the pictures. Here are a few ideas:
Make your Visuals durable for years to come by laminating each sheet and then cutting out pictures.
Create Puppets
Attach each picture to a tongue depressor and use as puppets for your Bible Story.
Cookie Sheet
Attach a magnet strip to each picture and use a cookie sheet for your story board. Or use adhesive Velcro® strips to attach pictures to the cookie sheet.
Flannel Board
Glue some flannel to the back of each picture and use a flannel board for your Bible Story. Click here for more information about the flannel board shown.
Nursery Coordinator Tip #4
Between the Student Activity Book and the Coordinator CD-ROM, you have everything you need for one fun craft per lesson! Just follow your Lesson Guide and Coordinator Manual to know which Copy Masters and Make & Take Pages to use for each lesson.
Nursery Coordinator Tip #5
Some puppets can be intimidating to use, but everyone loves Beamer! Here's why:
Beamer is just here to listen. You do not have to create a duck voice, or become a duck character to make Beamer work with your children because his mouth doesn't move.
Beamer loves to learn. In each Lesson Guide, questions are provided. Just ask children to tell Beamer the answers.
Beamer puts children at ease. Children can feel more comfortable and have more fun giving answers to a puppet rather than an adult.
Nursery Coordinator Tip #6
Each Lesson Guide gives you a list of songs to use along with the words for each song and indicates the track number on the Sunlight Kids Music CD. The music is grouped by month to make Music Time simple. For even more Music Time fun, let children play simple rhythm instruments or wear Wrist Bells.
Parent Tip: Consider ordering extra CDs and make them available to parents so children can sing along at home.
  Nursery Coordinator Tip #7
Print one set of Nursery Cards for each month from the Coordinator CD-ROM. Cut out and laminate them or cover with clear contact paper so they'll last all month.

Nursery Coordinator Tip #8
The following items can be used in both your toddler class and your baby nursery. All are available for individual purchase:
Bible Visuals: A great way to help visually stimulate babies during Bible Story time. Visuals are oversized and durable, so they stand up to drool, teeth, and curious fingers.
Posters: Decorate your nursery walls with Sunlight Kids Posters.
Beamer the Duck Puppet: Safe for all ages, surface washable, and super soft! Beamer will grab and keep babies' attention.

Note: Order an additional Portfolio to organize all your nursery items.

Sunlight Kids Stamp Tip #9

Make this easier to hold on to by adding a bulletin board push pin as a handle. Just turn the stamp over and center the push pin in the middle. Please note: to use this safely with kids, make sure that the pin does not push through into the imprint area, and keep this out of reach of little hands.

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