Sunlight Kids Takes Your Nursery Beyond Babysitting!

Sunlight Kids takes your nursery (Birth—36 mos.) from simply babysitting to intentionally teaching Bible truths to young children. When you choose Sunlight Kids, you can feel confident that you are more equipped than ever before to effectively share God's love with little ones.

Developed by early childhood experts, Sunlight Kids uses a proven approach children understand. You get year-round instruction in a format that's so easy to use, your volunteers will have as much fun as your little ones!

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My husband and I were pleasantly surprised when our daughter would come home from Wednesday nights and be able to sing songs she had learned and retell the Bible story and Bible words. I knew that my two-year-old could learn and was so pleased that the church was taking advantage of that. It is a lot of fun to be a part of such a wonderful program that acts as a stepping stone to what we try to do at home. Sunlight Kids is a phenomenal program that works!
~ Anissa M.

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