Music Sets 1–4 include worship, holiday, and kids’ songs, so you can minister year round!  

  Make a joyful noise on kids’ birthdays! Set 4 comes with “Happy Birthday!”  

Your church will be surprised and delighted when kids perform special music during services.

With the wide variety of music available, kids can minister whether it’s Cradle Roll Sunday, Mother’s or Father’s Day, pastor appreciation, July 4, or the Christmas and Easter seasons.

Throw Jesus a birthday party and invite the community; then do a musical presentation. Handbell Music Set 4 includes “Happy Birthday!” along with traditional Christmas carols.

Take the show on the road! A handbell choir is a great way to minister at nursing homes, hospitals, or malls.

Having difficulty turning the cards quickly enough? Try this user tip: Attach paper clips to each card to form a row down the side of the cards (think tabs on file folders). The paper clips will serve as tabs for the cards!

Christmas & Easter Ideas
Use Handbell Music as a prelude or intermission.

Have more kids than roles in your pageant? Make a heavenly noise with angels who play bells instead of singing. It’s especially great for young kids who have trouble remembering lines!

Make a joyful noise on kids’ birthdays! Set 4 comes with “Happy Birthday!”

Wow parents and grandparents when their “musically-challenged” little one is part of a beautiful handbell choir.

Give children self-confidence and build discipline when you incorporate bells into your regular lesson.

Add a little musical fun to your next assembly.

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