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Children's Director, Carol Mann

When I showed the handbells and music to my children's choir director to use with the kindergarten through second graders, she said that was the craziest thing I had come up with yet! She had to eat her words!

The kids performed two numbers for our church service and they were a hit! It was wonderful to see these precious lambs praise God and lead the adults in worship. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I can't wait to get more music!

Carol Mann; Children's Director; Kentucky

Children's Volunteer, Jean Lawson

As a children's worker, I really wanted the kids I work with to do something special in our church service, but I don't have any musical talent.

Then I discovered Handbell Music and presto! I had an instant handbell choir. The number system and CD made the kids sound so good, everyone thought they'd practiced for hours. They received a standing ovation and beamed with pride.

In fact, the church enjoyed it so much, everyone wanted in on the act. So we purchased additional sets. Now children of all ages can minister to others. Sunday morning, nursing homes, hospitals, … the possiblities are endless!

Jean Lawson; children's volunteer; Missouri

Teacher and Conference speaker, Patti Hershey

The Handbells and Handbell Music are easy, fun and God-honoring. They help to build confidence, music appreciation and discipline in my kids. Literally, when I get the “bell boxes” out, the kids cheer. They LOVE it! The parents are thrilled, our audiences “wowed,” and I usually have people wiping tears from their eyes when we are finished. They often ask me, “How do you get little children to play bells like that!?” They just don’t understand how easy it is, and the kids know that they are doing something they can be proud of.

One year, the kindergartners played for their grandparents and then handed the bells to the GRANDPARENTS to play for us! Everyone loved it. A second grade teacher in my school borrowed my bells/cards/CDs and her kids loved it too! To be honest, I think kids of all ages would. As an aside, I usually find that my most challenging students, behaviorally, are among my best players - they love to wait for “their number” and then really ring their bell HARD! It’s soo cute to watch.

This past year I spoke at the ACSI Early Education Conference in Lancaster, PA, and one of my workshops was entitled “Come On Ring Those Bells!” in which the participants (teachers of young children) actually played the bells using your materials and they LOVED it! They seemed delighted to see how simple it is to use your cards and CDs!

What I really love about these handbells and music is that anyone can do it, it sounds great, and it’s honoring to the Lord. What more could we want, as educators!?

Patti Hershey; Christian school teacher of 24 years and counting, seminar speaker; Pennsylvania

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